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Interactive map

of elementary schools in Municipal district of Prague 9
Interactive map

We are introducing a new app is a place where you can find information related to education and school affairs in the Municipal district of Prague 9. At the moment, you are able to find pieces of information about all five elementary schools that provide education for children in Prague 9 or find out which school will your child be assigned to based on your residential areea. Furthermore, you can also start a 3D school tour and get yourself and your children more familiar with the place where they will spend a lot of time in the upcoming years.


Prague 9 Elementary schools

School assignation based on residential area

Contact details

In progress:

Prague 9 Kindergartens

Prague 9 High schools

Alltogether five elementary schools are at the moment

situated in the area of Prague 9

In this place, you are able to walk online through all five primary schools from the comfort of your home. Choose a school from the menu below or find out which school will your child be assigned to based on your residential area. Apart from contact details, addresses and main entrance photos, you will also see a button which will lead you to a 3D school tour, during which you can choose a specific place you desire to go through such as: classrooms, school´s entrance, dining room, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and/or other interesting places in the school.

How does it work?


Find your school.


Choose your school from the menu.


Take a virtual tour through the school from your home.


Get more info at school’s websites.

ZŠ U Elektry

In addition to the elementary schools mentioned above, an opening of elementary school U Elektry
is scheduled in the upcoming years. The sixth elementary school should be opened in September, 2022.

For latest updates in school affairs please follow the Prague 9 official communication channels.

Facebook page of Prague 9

Website of Prague 9